I know Stewart for over three years and he has always been there for me. I have tried many other services but this is the only one I have decided to stick to. I have learned a lot with him about how to manage risk and how to trade right. Stewart is always ahead of the markets with webinars, emails, chat room and live screen charts. Amazing Service!
James M
Stewart's service offers a place to make money, a place to learn, and a place to connect with people all trying to do the same thing. His regulars webinars are invaluable for strategizing & understanding what to look for, and his excellent teaching abilities make even the most complicated TA more understandable. Whether you're a beginner, like myself, or a veteran like so many in the chat room, this service is for you. I couldn't recommend it more highly.
Polly C.
Just want to say I am loving the service so far. After a week, I have made enough to pay for over a year's worth of service. Signing up for your site may have been the best investment I made. I have tried many different services and learned many different methods and strategies. However, I find your service works very well with my lifestyle. I have to work a day job, so I like that you include nightly swing trade ideas (with specific prices, stops, and targets). That way I can set my orders for the day and still profit with minimal supervision. I can't think of any questions at this time. I think I am catching on to your lingo and strategies (which seem to work great). Just enjoying seeing how you guys interpret the current market action. Very professional service. Looking forward to making more cash with you!
Thanks, Chris
Stewart--I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the technical analysis services you provide. I find your analysis to be very clear and well thought out, with excellent risk vs. reward information. (your charting skills are some of the best I have come across.) In addition, your daily Pivot Range and Volatility Window information help to set my trading plan for both short term and swing trade positions. I find that your service is a major asset for my work as an independent trader. Please feel free to pass on my contact info to anyone who might want a reference for your service. Regards,
Mike Strong
Just thought that I would drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoy your service. I get a report early on with clear precise information from the day’s trading the day before and a view of the day’s trading possibilities for the up and coming trading day, plus news information that could influence the market, plus, trade ideas for the day and chart patterns. Excellent service, can't fault it, plus during the trading day you are not on your own because you are there with me updating live during the day with volatility windows and helpful hints and suggestions all the time. I have been a better trader since being with you and make trades that have been consistently successful, it is about being calm and calculated and not rash and random, slowly catch the monkey!! Cheers Stewart
Martin Pepper
What I like about Stewart’s service is that he’s patient. He doesn’t trade for trades’ sake. He waits, there’s no sense of haste and he only puts out trades that have a very good risk/reward. I like that and it seems to greatly enhance the PnL over the long run. Asides from his trades, his levels and general gut feel are second to none IM.
Nic Clive
Stewart you are the man, you have been spot on with your calls ever since I started getting your newsletters & I'm sure it's been a long time before that, keep up the great work. I'd like to thank you for your your keen insight into the markets, your newsletters are the best in the business, having been a member for the past 6 months your commentary has been both educational & actionable while being spot on with your levels & your uncanny ability to recognize chart patterns. I have grown my account over 68% since I was lucky enough to find your service, keep up the great work.
Chris Schaible
Subscribing to Stew is like having a road map for the market. He doesn't just provide levels, he gives insightful and detailed commentary the night before on how the ES and other major instruments are trading, how they relate to each other and where they're likely to go the next day. He suggests specific day and swing trades that have an amazing success rate, even on things you might not normally trade, such as the 6C (CAD). His methods aren't hard to learn, but having him available in the chatroom throughout the trading day is invaluable as we discuss the implications of each market move. I was as stubborn as anyone in thinking I could keep trading and learning just fine on my own, but after less than two months I realize that subscribing to Stew was the most cost-effective thing I could have done.
Karen P
Stewart was referred to me as a support and color analyst for a trading service that Drakon was launching. Stewart filled that role more than capably, quickly demonstrating his trading expertise with accuracy and timeliness. He is a devout student of the markets whose passion and willingness to promote a disciplined trading style would benefit anyone looking for a reliable trader, analyst or mentor.” March 17, 2011" Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Michael Graf
Drakon Capital
Stewart is one on the smartest financial professionals i have had the pleasure of working with. It is a treat to be able to work with him on a regular basis. He is an asset to any organization." February 09, 2011
Wesley Harr
Drakon Capital