Chicagostock Trading

Chicagostock Trading

Notable Market Calls

Some notable market predictions and analysis in PDF:

2008- SP500 Reversal (September Top) Start of crash. Vix Breakout: 2008SP500REVERSAL.pdf

2009-2013 Gold Trends: 2009-2013GOLDTRENDS.pdf

2010 SP500 Flash Crash: 2010FLASHCRASH.pdf

2011 SP500 Debt Downgrade: 2011DEBTDOWNGRADE.pdf

2012 FOMC Gold Top: 2012FOMCGOLDTOP.pdf

2012 Markets Media Article - Bullish stocks: 2012MARKETSMEDIAARTICLE.pdf

2015 SP500 First Rate Hike: 2015SP500FIRSTRATEHIKE.pdf

2016 Crude Oil Bottom: 2016CRUDEOILBOTTOM.pdf

2016 30 Year Bond Market Top: 201630YEARBONDTOP.pdf

2016 Dow Jones Cup/Handle Projecting 20k: 2016DOWJONESCUPHANDLE20K.pdf

2016 SP500 February Bottom: 2016FEBRUARYBOTTOM.pdf

2016 SP500 November Election Bottom: 2016SP500ELECTION.pdf

2017 SP500 March Top: 2017SP500MARCHTOP.pdf


SP500-Tracking the Recent Correction, What Next?